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Jun 4, 2014 (Last modified Mar 14, 2019)
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A geography of hope

The Y2Y vision is for an interconnected system of wild lands and waters to harmonize the needs of people with the needs of nature. It's a powerful and hopeful vision that spans a 2,200-miles long chain of spectacular mountains still filled with wildlife.

As audacious as it sounds, it has mobilized a diverse and motivated group of people and organizations who collectively are making great progress. For example, only 10% of the region was protected when the vision was first uttered in 1993. Twenty years later, 20% is protected. Several more areas are under interim and lesser states of protection, many of which function as connections or corridors for wildlife.

To see some of the progress, please explore the maps below.

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Y2Y Administrator. 2014. Progress to Date (Under Construction). In: Data Basin. [First published in Data Basin on Jun 4, 2014; Last Modified on Mar 14, 2019; Retrieved on Sep 28, 2021] <>

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Y2Y is a major Canadian-U.S. collaborative of over 450 conservation organizations, researchers, agencies, individuals, and other groups working to connect and protect habitat from Yellowstone to Yukon so people and nature can thrive.