Western San Joaquin Valley Solar Assessment

Apr 11, 2014
Uploaded by James R. Strittholt
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This is the summary analysis from the Western San Joaquin Valley Least Conflict Solar Energy Assessment conducted by The Nature Conservancy California chapter in 2013. These data can help initially screen for environmental or agricultural considerations when considering options for energy facilities.

The report that describes the methods, assumptions and processing of data to generate this summary is: Butterfield, H.S., D. Cameron, E. Brand, M. Webb, E. Forsburg, M. Kramer, E. O’Donoghue, and L. Crane. 2013. Western San Joaquin Valley least conflict solar assessment. Unpublished report. The Nature Conservancy, San Francisco, California. 26 pages.

The objective of this assessment is to characterize the land use and conservation constraints and opportunities associated with siting solar energy facilities in the WSJV. This approach identifies areas with high conservation value that are important to avoid when planning energy infrastructure, as well as areas of lower environmental conflict potentially suitable for development. While the approach we take focuses on refining the conservation values in the study area, we also classify the region’s agricultural resources using simple, broadly applicable classes to begin to assess trade-offs or synergies between agricultural production, habitat conservation and energy development. In our assessment of biodiversity conservation values, we focus on core and high quality habitat for multiple listed species, including kit fox, and emphasize the preservation of connectivity for kit fox and other wide-ranging species.
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The Nature Conservancy, California, 2013
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The Nature Conservancy 2013
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